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Internships Are What You Make Them

Internships can lead us to extraordinary things, but only if we choose to see them as a tool for guiding us to the greatness that we are destined for. In college, it seems like everyone either has an internship, wants one, or is actively trying to get one. They are the things that our professors say we need in order to get a job in the real world. If so much pressure is put … [Read More...]

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Starting The New 9 to 5: How to Get By Without Paying for Every Meal

When you start a new job, it’s inevitable that you will have to start making new friends.  As an adult, I sometimes think its harder to make friends than it used … [Read More...]

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We’re Only As Sick As Our Secrets. And I’m Not Sick Anymore.

This is not about weight. I could tell you all about the ways I lost 30 pounds, gained 20, lost 10, gained 40, lost 60, and on and on. I could tell you, but what … [Read More...]

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comprising on a dream job

On Comprising On The ‘Dream Job’

I swore I would never work at another retail store after working at Barnes & Noble for three years. In October 2013, I obtained an internship at Family Circle Magazine and told myself I was done with the retail world. I would fulfill my dream of becoming a magazine writer and never look back. I […]

jason mraz album

Music You Can Jam Too: Let’s Talk About The New Jason Mraz Album

If you are looking for some new music that oozes with positivity, we found it. Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has always been the kind of pop artist that consistently surprises you with each new album. His angelic voice continues belting out those melodies that we find ourselves humming throughout the day, but each album sounds completely […]

romantic comedy moments

10 Best Romantic Comedy Moments To Make You Feel Bad About Your Life

Hello, my name is Ali and I am a single twentysomething woman. This means I spend many Saturday nights swiping left on Tinder while drinking cheap Moscato wine and reading the New York Times Vows section. Sound like a cheesy romantic comedy? Well too bad. This is my life and I am not ashamed. Plus, […]

drunk on a plane video

5 Ridiculous Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Youtube was made for moments like these.  If you need a good laugh, another reason to hate Shia Labeouf, an excuse to listen to country music, or just more Lance Bass in your life, these are the videos for you. Show your friends, show your coworkers, show your parents.  When your party gets dull, put […]

Introducing KickFailure, It’s Like Regretsy for Kickstarter

Way back when I recommended some websites to waste time on. They’re all still great, and I fully recommending wasting even more time on them all. But let’s focus in on one of the featured sites–KickFailure. We’ve all had that idea at 3 a.m. that we think is going to make us a billionaire–phones shaped like cats, tomato-flavored […]

firefly music festival moments

Top 2012 and 2013 Firefly Music Festival Moments

Who is ready for glow sticks, port-o-pottys and music? That’s right folks, this weekend it is time for the 2014 Firefly Music Festival. Last year the Buster & Ellie crew gave you the low-down on the volunteer scene and this year we will be back, but in the premier camping lot. It’s less than 24 […]

spend part of your first paycheck on you

Spend Part of Your First Paycheck on Yourself

When it comes to your first paycheck, everyone will tell you to save it, but if you listen to them you won’t get to have any fun! The key is to save some of your paycheck so you are establishing a good habit, but spend part of it on yourself so you don’t feel like […]

hozier at live lunch

Live Lunch with Irish Blues Musician Hozier

There are two things I am making a point of doing more often, supporting local radio and discovering up-and-coming musicians. My local radio station is WTMD, near Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a station that plays up-and-coming music by acts from near and far. They put on a lot of free shows to give their listeners exposure to the […]

13 words of wisdom from the class of 2013

13 Words of Wisdom From The Class of 2013

More than 1.5 million students will graduate college this year, entering a world of uncertainty and excitement. To the class of 2014, you’ve probably been given tons of advice from much older people, but those of use who most recently graduated before you know that some of that advice may not be very helpful in […]

dating someone across the country

On Dating Someone Who Lives Halfway Across The World

How can you keep a relationship going when you’re 3,482 miles away from the other person? How is that possible? Well my brother Shawn is in one of those people that can maintain a long distance relationship and I still cannot believe how he does it. Shawn met a Peruvian gal, Josselyn in November of […]

facebook messenger app

Facebook’s Messenger App Shares Your Location By Default

Today I learned something unsettling about the Facebook Messenger app – it shares your location with friends by default and stores this information indefinitely. I found this out while I was using the desktop version of Facebook and reading a private message from a friend. My friend had sent the message using the Facebook Messenger […]

sephora post

How to Shop at Sephora When You’re Broke

Oh, Sephora. You love to tempt me with your glamour and your promises. I’d love to believe that if I spend $50 on a lipstick, I will magically transform into a flawless creature and everyone will gasp at my beauty. Luckily, I’ve done the hunting for you guys, and there are some really decent products at […]

sweetlife 2014 review

Lana Del Rey was the Star of the 2014 Sweetlife Festival

During the final performance of the evening at the 2014 Sweetlife Music Festival I met my soul mate. His name was Daniel, “Dan” for short. I spotted him as he began to slide down the muddy hill we were dancing on. Foster the People’s “Waste” – a song that showcases the band’s iconic electric beats […]

warby parker summer eyewear

Warby Parker’s Summer Eyewear Collection Is So Refreshing

Summertime is not always fun for myself and four-eyed friends. Outdoor activities like running, kayaking and swimming don’t usually go well when you have to wear glasses. Luckily, affordable eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker unveiled their summer eyewear collection today and these frames are so cute, you won’t even feel annoyed when your glasses fog up […]

no job after college graduation

I Graduated College A Year Ago And Don’t Have A Full-time Job

I wish I could say that after nearly a year of job hunting rejection gets easier, but it doesn’t. It’s painful, hurtful and depressing to receive rejection letter after rejection letter. It numbs you and makes you feel worthless. In the middle of March, I received an email from a social media company asking me […]

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