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Indie Band The Mowgli’s Discuss Love, Struggles and Making It

The Mowgli’s are more than just a band – they are a movement. Their mission: love, peace, open mindedness and good times. Comprised of seven Los Angeles based musicians, The Mowgli’s formed out of a shared passion for music and desire to spread a message of universal love and peace. Their music is part folk-rock, part pop and a tad country. Think The Mamas & The Papas … [Read More...]

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The Best Looks From Coachella 2014 That Didn’t Include a Flower Wreath

Weekend one of Coachella 2014 is officially dunzo and with it the princesses of Southern California can pack away their sheer tops and glow sticks until weekend two … [Read More...]

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Step Off The Ledge: Should I Break Up With Someone I Don’t Like Anymore?

Dear Lauren: If you realize you don't like someone, should you tell them the moment you realize, or wait for an opportunity where it won't mess up something … [Read More...]

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You will most likely not meet your soul mate on the dance floor. (Image via Studio Roosegaarde/Flickr)

Newsflash: You Will Never Meet a Nice Guy at a Bar

My bestie and I used to go out almost every Friday or Saturday night planning to meet guys. We’d each sit there and wait for men to approach us. Sometimes it happened, but they were nerds who weren’t our type and other times we’d wait all night long to no avail. We mostly went to […]

anthropologie on budget for women

How to Shop at Anthropologie When You’re Broke

There’s an Anthropologie store right next to my internship, and the other day I decided to go in and poke around to see if there was anything good. I saw lots of stuff I liked, but it was WAY out of my budget. $58 for a single painted wooden bracelet? $128 for a blouse? Well, […]

friends in your twenties leave without reason

Friends In Your Twenties Leave Without Reason

William Shakespeare once said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” This is one of my favorite quotes about friendship, and maybe it’s because it’s hanging on a wall in my best friends’ room. So […]

Tumblr Artist Rubyetc

Artists Of Tumblr: My Chat With Rubyetc

What’s your favorite aspect of tumblr? The cute animal gifs seem rightfully high on our list of priorities.  Exploring fandoms. Liveblogging big events. Fawning over celebrities. What has tumblr introduced you to that you might not have otherwise known about? Music, movies, TV shows? What about art? In the three years I’ve been on tumblr, […]

things that happen after college

10 Things That Happen In The First Year After College

Life after college is exciting. Suddenly you don’t have anything holding you back and you can achieve all your dreams. But it can also be scary. It’s okay, everyone is going through the same things you are going through. Here are 10 things that happened after I graduated college.   The excitement doesn’t last long […]


This Is How I Became A Casual Drug User And Raver

I think like most people who grew up in the suburbs, my parents always told me not to do drugs.  I grew up in a stable home and didn’t have any major reasons to escape, besides maybe my mom telling me to clean my room when I was willing to eat off the floor.  When […]

christina and morgan both pregnant

Morgan and Christina From Laguna Beach Still Friends, Both Pregnant

Morgan Smith and Christina Sinclair, your favorite BFF’s from Laguna Beach, are both pregnant, both with boys and are two weeks apart. Oh and they are still really good friends and their boys will (probably) grow up to be BFF’s too. Where’s the MTV Catch-Up Special on these two? This is like a 1990s Nora […]

fuck you winter

F&*K U Winter, Let’s Look At Pretty Spring Fashion

It still feels like the Arctic Circle where I live on the East Coast and I am so over it. Let’s oogle over these spring time outfits and pray for some better weather. Also, fashion costs money. Funky Preppy Brunch Date   In this look: MSGM woven skater dress – $435 John Lewis sliver plated […]

the darcys indie band

New Bands We Like: The Darcys

Let’s take a brief look at some of the great things that have come out of Canada: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, every decent HGTV show, Alanis Morissette and now… The Darcys! I know guys, it *almost* makes you want to give up our sometimes mild winters for a permanent polar vortex vacation. Our latest […]

size of jeans

The Size of Your Jeans Is Meaningless

“What size are you?” might be one of the most difficult questions asked of a woman. Clothing sizes are almost completely meaningless. I know some people get really sensitive about getting asked this question. Personally, I don’t mind if someone asks me what size I am, unless they are trying to be malicious. You know […]

seth cohen is perfect and my boyfriend

An Open Letter to my First Boyfriend, Seth Cohen

[Editor’s note: Seth Cohen was a fictional character on the tremendously popular FOX teen drama, “The O.C.” which ran from 2003-2007. If you have never heard of “The O.C.” we suggest you stop reading this and watch this video, then come back.] Dear Seth, I remember our first date like it was yesterday. We played […]

horseback riding is a sport

I’m Tired of People Telling Me Horseback Riding Isn’t a Real Sport

When someone asks me if I play sports, the conversation usually goes a little like this: “Do you play sports?” they say.  “I ride horses,” I reply. “Oh, so the horse does all the work,” they respond. Sigh.  Here we go again, should I be offended? What’s even more degrading than someone demeaning something I […]

dream job

I’m Not Sure I’ll Ever Get My Dream Job

It’s a daily struggle to search for jobs and not find a thing. I am often questioning whether I should take another minimum wage internship in my desired industry or take a job unrelated to my degree. I’m terrified when it comes to my future. I really want a job in the magazine industry, but […]


Songza is the Coolest Internet Radio Site

I work at a call center and we often play music. We’ve used Spotify and Pandora, both of which are fine music providers, but my favorite Internet radio site is Songza. Like Pandora, it offers you a playlist related to what you’re interested in rather than letting you choose individual songs. What makes it different, […]

top stories buster and ellie feb 2014

The Top Stories on Buster & Ellie in February 2014

I don’t know about you, but I am sooooooooo over winter. I’m dying to break out a sundress and a pair of wedge heels, but as I write this another major snowstorm is heading my way. Maybe this will be the last one and soon it will get really warm and we can all go […]

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